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Colossians: Bible Study Series

The Apostle Paul's letter to the Colossians contains some of the most profound statements ever written about the Lord Jesus Christ and the status of believers and the heresy of Gnosticism.
Gnosticism challenged the Divinity and humanity of Christ, promoted levels of spirituality, angelic worship, immorality, etc.
This twenty study series explores/applies Paul's answers to all of these topics.


Hell and Immortality: Bible Study Series

There is a great deal of disunity among Christians on this topic. Is it possible that through examining the texts on hell in depth, to find a consistent theology which can include all Scripture? I believe there is.
These videos explore both traditional and conditional views, and examine in depth the various words translated as 'hell' in English Bibles such as Sheol, Hades, Gehenna, Tatarus, Lake of Fire and The Abyss.


Macro-Evolution: Fact or Fraud:Bible Study Video series

At some stage of our lives the majority of people become aware of ourselves as individuals and ask the big questions: Who am I, what am I? Am I a product of macro-evolution, a consequence of random chance, or was I created by a supernatural being who designed the universe?
In our modern world we are offered two systems of belief concerning the origin of life: Macro-Evolution or Creation. Is it possible to know which is true and which is false? In this six part series we are going to examine the theory of macro-evolution, its history, its frauds, the evidence that destroys this theory completely, and why evolutionists have become much less vocal in the past five years.


Topical Videos

● Once Saved Always Saved?● Cannot continue in Sin??● Denying the Trinity: An Age-old Heresy● Struggling with Sin: Renewed in our Minds● Are Your Children Saved?● The Foreknowledge of God● Lordship Salvation: Biblical Fact or Heresy?

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