Living in Christ Series


1st Peter

Christians face storms in life: Persecution, physical/emotional pain, broken dreams, conflicts, tensions and stress.

Peter’s message, written and inspired by the Holy Spirit, offers good news to Christians.

God has given us the power and strength to face any and every situation, and the peace and calm all can know who have Christ as Lord.



The Apostle Paul's letter to the Colossians contains some of the most profound statements ever written about the Lord Jesus Christ, the status of believers and the heresy of Gnosticism.
Gnosticism challenged the Divinity and humanity of Christ, promoted levels of spirituality, angelic worship, immorality, etc.
This twenty study series explores/applies Paul's answers to all of these topics.


1st John

John's first letter to the Church contains twelve marks of a true Christian. In this modern age of growing apostasy away from sound theology, John's letter is of vital importance.
This seventeen study book is for home groups and pastors who desire to make disciples for Christ, believers who understand what it means to forsake the world and take up their cross daily.


Hell and Immortality

Is the human soul naturally immortal?

Does the Bible teach that unbelievers souls will suffer a fiery torment for all eternity, or eventually be annihilated?

In this six-part Bible Study Series we explore in depth the main doctrines of hell, Traditionalist, Conditionalist and Universalist.

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